The Crew at Disneyland

Another great day at the Happiest Place on Earth...

Space Mountain

The crew.

Mid-day tram to destination nap-in-the-car. 

Recharged after the nap. The kids chased bubbles and had the best time they had all day. They definitely could have been just as content at home blowing bubbles in the front yard. 

Sweet little Lissa. 

Dance, Penny, Dance!  

And yet another successful Disneyland trip!



I guess I won't be dumping this phone after all...


Pumpkin Patch




Wonder how much taller she'll be next year?...


The Big 29

Yes, you read the title right.
The last birthday I will ever celebrate in my 20's. I'm slowly letting go of my youth. It is now hanging on by a thread.
I really am not looking forward to my next birthday. In fact, I am dreading it.

Numbers aside, I had a great last year in my 20's birthday. Dan took me on an all-day shopping extravaganza. We shopped, ate, shopped & ate until we could stand on our feet no more. Thanks to my mom, we were child free. A shopping trip child free? The best day ever!

My birthday fell on a Sunday this year, so we actually did the shopping trip on Saturday and then had a little family party on Sunday. It was the best last youthful birthday an almost 30 year old could ask for.

We opened presents...

Penny helping momma...

Watched last year's corn-maze video (it has become a classic)... I should probably post it sometime. p.s My favorite news headline of the month? The couple who got stuck/lost in a corn maze and called 911. I kind of wish that could have been me.

Playing with my new avocado cuber. She loves that thing.

My cute little husband picked out this cute little cake. He lit all 29 candles and then pushed my face into them. No, not really but I might ask him to do that next year. And that really tall random candle? It was a singing candle and it definitely sang it's little heart out.

Here's to 29- the age I will most likely use for the rest of my life.


The Happiest Place on Earth

Penny's first Disneyland trip! The first trip always calls for the classic Dland shot.

In line for Small World, Penny's first ride. She loved it. No smiles, just completely silent and in awe. Definitely a very over-stimulating ride. I hadn't been on that ride since I was like 10. Never liked it much. Still don't. But I'm sure I'll be going on it many more times in the near future.

Alice in Wonderland. After this one was over, she said "gagain? weeee!" (translation: "again? that was fun!")

These were her little nervous hands on every ride.

Still mad we didn't buy them. She wasn't crazy about them so we figured we'd wait. Still mad about it.

She was such a good girl. No crying, no whining, nothing (then again, she's not big on crying anyway). But at the end of the day, she just couldn't hold on any longer...

It was a great day to be at Disneyland- a perfect 75 degrees and very short lines... and the best part? We showed up at 3 and left by 8:30 and hit tons of rides- it was perfect. Until next time, Disneyland!


and the fun continues...

Watch out... don't mess.

Fun with Mama...

Watching Josh surf.

Hi Josh!!

Oh wow Caitlin. Quite a catch.

Big ups boy.

Wonder who the genius was that invented bunny ears.

Really not sure what's going on here. I'm pretty sure we were trying to pull off the 90's back to back pose...

Not sure how Penny knew there was a picture being taken with that blindfold over her eyes.
 Perfect form Pensty!
We love the beach... especially in good company! 
(Kelly & Steve, come visit us next.)